The Company

Founded in 1968 as a trading company for Scandinavian laboratory equipment (today’s SKAN Pure Solutions), SKAN is now global market leader in the specialist area of isolator construction for aseptic applications.

One of our core competencies is the manufacture of process isolators for pharmaceutical-aseptic production.  Every third vaccine that is administered is made in a SKAN isolator.

Even the most complex customer requirements can be fulfilled thanks to the experts at our in-house laboratories who research innovative solutions for isolator technology. Pioneering work by our employees includes the development of the hydrogen peroxide decontamination method throughout the entire process isolator, including the filling line with all its components.  Our company’s scientific studies have been presented in several publications by the Parental Drug Association (PDA) and the International Society for Pharmaceutical Engineering (ISPE), and are internationally recognized and applied master documents.

A comprehensive support programme is available so that the customer receives optimal care during the entire product life-cycle. This is ensured by a global service network comprising in-house and external specialists. In order to guarantee the transfer of knowledge, we train our employees, partners, and customers at the SKAN Academy.

We are also able to offer integrated overall solutions. The focus here is on the horizontal and vertical integration of our systems in building technology, as well as solutions in the areas of data intelligence, and VR/AR and digital twins.

We currently employ around 800 employees with over 40 nationalities represented. More than half of our employees are based at our main location at Allschwill in Basel-Country. All our other staff are distributed around our subsidiaries in Stein (Aargau), Germany, Belgium, Italy, Japan and the USA.

Satomi Yamaya
Sales Engineer

"What makes SKAN a unique employer is the innovative products, the international and dynamic environment combined with open, down to earth and helpful colleagues."


Sassoundine Sibabi
Customer Support Engineer

"I like the familiar and hands-on culture! New challenges support me to develop myself day by day, what a thrill to have a diversified job and a pleasant work environment."

Maxime Windenberger
Project Manager

"To work at SKAN is an opportunity to combine the collaboration with great team members, working with diverse and complex products and being in touch with customers from the pharmaceutical industry."